NLP – The way I see it

This is my story on how NLP changed my life, how I use it in my everyday life and how it influences others with its power.

On the first day of my training I had the attitude of “the issue is with others, they need to change so I can be OK”.

I quickly became mesmerised by its beauty and power and the effectiveness of its tools. It opened my eyes so much that I wanted to scream and shout out to the world. I wanted to tell and teach it to everyone. My attitude changed on the 2nd day to “the problem is with me, I need to change for my world to change around me”. So I did.

NLP taught me to see the world from a different perspective. Firstly, I learned that there is no right nor wrong opinion. There is “my map of the world” and “your map of the world”. It is OK to agree to disagree. Having different opinions doesn’t make others bad it only means they see the world differently. And that is OK.

I also learned that complaining, criticising and moaning is not about other people or situations. It is about me. If I complain about someone or something, I complain about me. It becomes a reflection, like looking into the mirror. Now, if I start to complain I stop and reflect. What am I not happy about ME that I point my finger to others?

This made me realise that if I am not happy right now, right here, I will not be happy elsewhere either. I have to find the way to make myself happy so it doesn’t matter what is around me I can be happy no matter what. I realised that no-one can make me feel anything. I decide how I feel in every situation.

Knowing that if something isn’t working in my life I need to change, not others, makes all the difference. It gives me control, self-power and awareness. For example: if I change my communication others can understand me more. If I stop shouting with my children then they stop shouting with me. If I listen more others will listen to me.

I now know that if my message isn’t understood, then I have to change the way I paint the picture (say my message) for it to become understandable. I listen, and notice whether the other party is seeing pictures, talking about feelings, or hearing sounds. This helps to have better conversations and allows me to tell them what I really want.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming’s tools I can quickly and effectively change the way I see things and let go of the negative feelings that are attached to those events/experiences.

NLP is an amazing knowledge to have. It changes your mindset to a more positive one and it helps you to become the best version of yourself. It gives you the power to become the real and true YOU.

If you’d like to learn more and to develop yourself, get in touch with me.

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