Hypnotherapy Program – Everything begins with You (6 week)

Hypnotherapy Support:

Speaking from experience, I truly believe that a full transformation needs time. I know that you want me to wave my magic wand and change you and your life completely in one session, however, it needs more than that.

First of all, I can’t change you, You can change you. I am only facilitating, guiding and perhaps mentoring you along the way.

Second of all, when a simple problem needs solution one session is enough. But many a times you need more sessions to uncover the core problem which needs attention from different angles.

For instance, an emotion can be released quite quickly. However, when you carry something for so long, you need time to get to the core issue and to release and solve every layer. Also, support and time are needed to get used to the new way of living. And these programs that I created are doing exactly that.


Hypnotherapy and NLP will help you to release and transform all that is holding you back. The program will support you throughout 6 weeks, and will give you what you need to leave the past behind, to learn to enjoy the present and to look forward to the future with excitement. As a result you will feel more joyful, happy and will see your world through a positive lens.

Every session is 1:1, it’s personalised and tailored to your needs. Every single time we either meet up in person or have an online session. All your struggles will be looked at with all your negative beliefs, bad habits and patterns that are holding you back. It could be some emotions that are attached to the past that needs releasing or it could be a belief that needs to be transformed to one that is much more beneficial for you. Whatever you need to move forward in your life will be looked at and dealt with if you are ready for the change.

6 Week Hypnotherapy Program

This program is for:

What does the program include?

6 hypnotherapy sessions: 5 consecutive sessions weekly for 4 weeks, and 1 session 2 weeks later.

Sessions do not need to happen within 6 weeks. If something comes up for you or for me, any session can be postponed.

Free hypnosis audio support (worth £39.95):

I will email you a few hypnosis recordings which will support you between sessions, so you can be sure that you stay on the right track. They will be yours forever so you can use them after you have finished the program too.

  • Negative emotion release
  • Sleep better
  • Confidence boost
  • Stress release
  • Stay positive
  • Weight loss support – if needed

Free access to my video training support (worth £99):

Everything begins with You is the name of my video training. 25 videos for you to learn how to become the best version of yourself. They will be released weekly for you to have enough time to go through them and to eliminate overwhelming you.

  • Module 1 – Taking a break
  • Module 2 – Taking responsibility
  • Module 3 – The power of positive thinking
  • Module 4 – All about beliefs
  • Bonus module – how to do self-hypnosis and more

I will be teaching you tapping for anxiety release and confidence boost.

Support will be available via text, phone call or email in between sessions, when needed.


What happens after finishing the program?

I strongly recommend maintaining your new state by having a single session to release the everyday stress and anxiety every 3-4 months.

Book in for a free taster session where you can experience hypnosis and let’s have a chat about whether the program is for you.


Due to the Corona Virus lockdown, I am unable to see clients face-to-face.

Fortunately, I can help you online via Zoom video call. The value and the result is exactly the same as if you'd book a face-to-face appointment.

I offer a 30 mins free taster session which can be used for hypnosis, therapy or a casual chat to see if hypnotherapy is for you.

I am available Mon - Thu 5pm - 8pm, and Fri 4pm - 8pm.

In the meantime, download my free relaxation audio

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