Everything begins with You 1

A Kickstart To Become The Best You Can Be


A program that will quickly get rid of irritation, mood swings, anxiety, unnecessary worry, negative emotions and everyday stress.

If you feel like you are on an emotional roller-coaster, are fed up with life’s demands, struggling to keep everything together and feel guilty about feeling like this, look no further.

3 personalised, consecutive one-to-one sessions can help you to transform those feelings and become a calmer and more relaxed person.

3 sessions to avoid a void in you.


What you get:

  • 3 one-to-one personalised sessions
  • mental and emotional declutter
  • negative emotion release such as anxiety, unnecessary worry, everyday stress, and whatever comes up
  • re-connection to love, joy and happiness
  • teaching your mind and body how to relax
  • email support
  • 1 hypnosis audio to declutter your mind and body, and to strengthen your confidence to maintain your new wonderful state


Benefits of program:

  • clear mind
  • relaxed body
  • relaxed mind
  • awareness of the present
  • controlled emotions
  • contentment
  • optimism
  • positive mindset
  • more energy
  • being more laid back
  • love
  • joy
  • happiness


Investment for you: £267


What happens after the program?

I will send you an audio that you can use any time you feel you could do with a release, a time out, or perhaps a pick me up.

I also recommend regular maintenance every 3-4 months, which means a single session to release whatever happened in that period of time.

As you’ll become a client of mine, the maintenance session cost £70, regardless of what we’ll be working on.


If this program speaks to you and you are ready to transform your life, feel free to get in touch.

You can email me at aniko@liveyourlifehypnotherapy.co.uk, or call / text on 07886 394 365.


Due to the Corona Virus lockdown, I am unable to see clients face-to-face.

Fortunately, I can help you online via Zoom video call. The value and the result is exactly the same as if you'd book a face-to-face appointment.

I offer a 30 mins free taster session which can be used for hypnosis, therapy or a casual chat to see if hypnotherapy is for you.

I am available Mon - Thu 5pm - 8pm, and Fri 4pm - 8pm.

In the meantime, download my free relaxation audio

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