NLP – The way I see it

This is my story on how NLP changed my life, how I use it in my everyday life and how it influences others with its power. On the first day of my training I had the attitude of “the issue is with others, they need to change so I can be OK”. I quickly became Continue reading »

The next level of self-care: A retreat

Self-care to me is THE most important activity that you can do to build a solid mental, emotional and physical foundation. This foundation allows you to be the best version of yourself in every area of your life. In my experience, unfortunately, many of you take it for granted. Perhaps because you were taught to Continue reading »

Change Starts With Me

Indeed, change has to start with me. Years ago, when I realised that complaining and blaming will not make me happy, I mean really happy, my life turned around. I took responsibility for the way I felt, for the way I acted, for the way I looked and for everything in my life. Slowly, but Continue reading »